Thursday, 30 March 2017

Tokyo - Japan - Feb 2017

Tokyo was a revelation, huge but ordered, quiet and clean. 
A quick four days visit, for the occasion of the marathon that my mother in law was running. I managed to catch up with Kumi of the local urban sketchers and enjoyed a day drawing the Tsukiji Hongan-ji temple where there was a Sunday ceremony inside (imagine the incense smell and soft chanting) and the view down from the Tokyu Plaza Ginza shopping mall from where the cars and people appear tiny.
Tokyo Marathon - cyclists
Tsukiji Hongan-ji Ceremony
Tsukiji Hongan-ji - Drum
Tsukiji Hongan ji - Exterior
View from Tokyu Plaza Ginza

We also managed to catch up with architecture views that I remember from my student's days, the Tokyo International Forum and some more historical temples, Senso-ji.  
The views from the top of the Tokyo Sky Tree (that appears in the Senso-ji sketch) showed the enormity of the city, no end in sight.   

Tokyo Forum