Sunday, 13 May 2012

Open Studios 2012

Today is my last day of open studios 2012, a yearly event ( that I take part on when artist open their studios (sometimes their homes) to the public to showcase their work. It is varied, sometimes nobody comes and one is sad :(( then a few groups come all at once, and then sometimes people buy some paintings or sketches and I am ver happy :))
Below a few images of this year's show.

Vista desde la ventana / view from the window

Estoy en Newbury (UK) mirando desde la ventana a este cementerio que he dibujado y pintado muchas veces, siempre cambiante y enigmático.
Hoy intente contrastar el primer plano con la profundidad del espacio.
I am looking from the window in Newbury, to the cemetery across that I painted various times, always changing and mysterious. Today, I wanted to contrast the first plane against the depth of the space.