Sunday, 21 August 2011

Wells - Somerset - 16th to 18th August

I went with my friend Pam to this excellent city in Somerset, the smallest city in UK and we spend two and a bit days painting there - it was a rather gloomy most of the time - and it rained and rained, luckily there is plenty to admire and rejoice of in the Cathedral. The Vicars close was our first point of call - people who live there are linked with the city's music school - there is no other way - the street is amazing with the uprights of the chimneys creating a very quick rythm.
The Cathedral is set on a Green so there is enough space for its facade (full of figures) to be appreciated. Inside it has the most modern look despite all the work dating from medieval times - the double scissor arch solution to the weight of the central tower is a very clever solution and geometrically very simple and beautiful.
The Lady chapel has a green and red theme and glass windows that are in different stages of repair - quite beautiful.
The access to the chapter house is by a stair that has a complex geometry and it is very beautiful as well.
The chapter house is an octogonal room with a central column.
The back of the cathedral connects to the Bishop's palace that has a complete moat - but we left the views from its garden/orchard for another time.


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Segovia July 2011

I have spent 11 fantastic days painting and sketching in Segovia.  Loads of views of the Alcazar and from the Alcazar. Some interesting encounters with locals and tourists. And a grand finale of taking part on the Quick painting competition run by the San Lorenzo quarter. I was not that prepared for this one (no materials) and the shops did not have any watercolour paper. Luckily, I got some free large card where I could do a large drawing (not really a painting) with a bit of colour.Day 1 (21st July- Vera Cruz from Alcazar, Vera Cruz, San Esteban and Jardin de Fronkes).

Day 2 (22nd July - Alcazar desde Muralla, Drumming in Plaza Juan Bravo)

Day 4 (25th July - Mujer Muerta desde Alcazar, Cathedral Tower)
Day 5 (26th July La Merced  from Jewish Cemetery)
Day 7 (27th July - Acueducto - vista 1, View from Vera Cruz - long panorama - concertina book)

Day 8 (28th July - La Granja - El Mar, Palacio, Perspectiva de Fuentes)

Day 9 Acueducto - vista 2

Day 10 (30th July - High view of Alcazar and Catedral)

Day 11 (31st July - Grand Finale - San Lorenzo - quick painting - 1 hour drawing - 70x70 cm)