Thursday, 13 February 2014

Roche Court sketching - Dibujando en Roche Court

A veces hay situaciones en que uno se encuentra en peligro mientras dibuja - el otro dia, dibujando en Roche Court - parque de escultura - se me acerco un perro enorme mientras dibujaba - era mas alto que yo sentada! Me puso un pelin nerviosa ver su cara tan cerca de la mia y me alegre mucho de que no abriera la boca (se me habria tragado entera).
Aqui esta el dibujillo que estaba yo haciendo de la expo nueva que tienen alli.

Mas aqui

Some times there are dangerous situations one finds oneself whilst sketching. The other day, drawing at Roche Court - sculpture park - a large dog got close to me whilst the owner simply watched by. He was much taller than me (i was sitting down). I was slightly nervous to see his face so close to mine and was very happy that he did not open his mouth (he could have swallowed me alive!)
Here is the sketch i was doing of the new exhibition they are showing right now.

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