Thursday, 7 July 2011

Chapel Row - The Avenue crossroads - Bladebone pub - 360 degrees

I have done this 360 degrees sketch in three sittings (22nd June, 28th June and 6th July 2011) - the first day it was a Newbury Art Group painting day when I started it and did about 1 hour before it started to rain.
The second day I did a session of 2 hours and the third day another hour.
It is about 4 metres long so my speed is about an hour per metre.
All in black and white pencil but two types (HB the first day, very pale) and softer the other two.
What is interesting in such a long drawing is that as cars come and go and light changes all the time, one is choosing what to put in or leave out. As you turn around you are adjusting the perspective and varying the point of view. The three or four buildings at this crossroads are singular (a butcher's, a pub, a thatched cottage and a little shop). To complete the English tradition there is the typical phonebox and postbox on the wall. And magnificent trees all around that give The Avenue its explendid presence.

I show below the whole length as well as the daily outputs and a video of the whole drawing.

4m long - 360 degrees view

Day one

Day two

Day three

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  1. Tienen muy buena pinta pero si pudieras escanearlos los veríamos en todo su esplendor,la diferencia es brutal.
    Un saludo Joaquín.